Yoshida Narita\’s \”Man\’s Mistake\” has been decided to become a drama. It will be broadcast on BS Premium at 7 times from November 12th. \”Man no Misao\” is a human comedy centered around the unsellable enka singer, Misao Itsuki who dreams of playing in Kohaku. In the drama, Kenta Hamano plays the role of Misao, Kana Kurashina plays the role of Junko, Misa\’s dead wife, and Saki Awano plays the only daughter of Misao. The composition of the song \”Otoko no Misao\” in the play was performed by Tsunku♂, nominated by Narita. Narita said, “If you would like to add a song to the lyrics of the theme song, Mr. Tsunku♂ will definitely do it. I am happy that my dream has come true,” announced the comment of joy.