\”Itaewon Class\” is adapted from the web comic of the same name. It tells the story of the \”hip\” rebellion of young people gathered together because of their will and vitality in an unreasonable world. In the small street of Itaewon in the miniature world, freely pursue their own values ​​and compose entrepreneurial myths. Park Seo-joon plays Park Sai-ro. He is a straight-forward young man who will not compromise with injustice. He devotes himself to Itaewon because of the anger that cannot be erased. He begins to challenge a new dream. Home\” launched a happy counterattack. Kim Domi plays Zhao Yirui. She is a \”highly intelligent\” and uniquely charismatic character with a god-given mind. She is an SNS star and an Internet influencer, with an angelic appearance and a reversed personality. She and Park Sairo became acquainted with each other because of a bad relationship and developed together in Itaewon. Liu Zaiming plays Zhang Daxi, the chairman of the “Zhang Family”, a large enterprise in the catering industry. He joined the catering industry because of the memory of being hungry when he was a child. With his own efforts, he became a chaebol centered on him and an authoritarian. Because of his son\’s accident, he once again fought against the thorn in his eyes, Park Sailu, his life as an iron wall was gradually shaken.