Nangong Min plays Luo Yidi. He is an elite of the Emergency Medical Center of Taijiang Hospital. He has superb medical skills. He is a man full of human charm who does not care about his social status and never forgets the relationship between doctors and patients. Kim Byung-cheol plays Sun Min-sik, who is the head of the prison-prison medical department, who has the consciousness of elite voters. His family\’s medical genealogy can be traced back to the generation of his grandfather who has passed away. His father\’s three brothers are also doctors. Because of his parents, everyone thought he had booked a university professorship, but it was not. Although self-esteem is very strong, but the strength can not keep up, always behind the same period. Quan Nara plays Han Sujin, who is the head of the women\’s prison-prison gynecology department and is a physician and psychiatric department. Lively and cheerful, in order to find out the death of his brother, he went to the prison-prison hospital psychiatric department as a volunteer. The drama is about the doctor Roydi, who removed the prison-prison original medical section chief, and became the new medical section chief. After he became the new medical section chief, he desperately grew into a doctor in charge of the prestigious university hospital council. Directed by \”Gentlemen of Laurel Suit Shop\” Huang In-hyuk and written by Seo Kwon-ki, the next file \”Why is this, Mr. Bongshang\” is expected to be broadcast in March