Actress Kato Rosa will star in the FOD TV series \”Hell\’s Girlfriend\”, which will be broadcast on October 25. Based on the manga of the same name published by Akane Torikai on FEEL YOUNG, the drama nakedly depicts the worries of women in their 20s to 30s. After marriage and childbirth, Kato, who has returned to the TV series in this game, will play the single mother Shimada Kanan who has divorced once. Single and serious OL, Suto Yuri, starred by Takeda Rina, and popular beauty jewelry designer, Nao, Yuki Sakurai. In the play, Nao, who is unable to clean up, changes his home into a shared house, and allows Kanan and Yuri, who have their own circumstances, to move in, and the story unfolds. In addition, Nao’s co-manager, Kazuya, is starred by Inozuka Kenta, and judo rehabilitationist, Ishihara, is starred by Uemura Kaisei.