Adapted from Aoi Blue’s novel of the same name, Riko Saeki is a cheerful and innocent female college student in the rock climbing club. She rents a house with her best friend Kanao. The two people’s good friend Shin also often comes home to eat and chat. The three are very close, but they have a hidden triangular relationship in private: Kanao has a great affection for Xin, but Xin has a crush on Lizi. Lizi took a part-time job in an office shared by 23 companies. Here, she meets her neighbor and brother Takiji, whom she has always remembered, and Takiji, who has become a photographer, is in an ambiguity with her colleague Cuizi. Lizi has been collecting Hijiji\’s works and life\’s bits and pieces. Even if the confession is rejected, she did not give up. In the office, the two gradually got closer. At the same time, due to work reasons, Lizi and Xin need to visit the scenic spots together, and gradually contact them. Lizi vacillated between Shin and Hiiragi, and finally confirmed that she still liked Hiiragi. Cuizi became a hindrance between them. Cuizi lied that she had already had a marriage contract with Takiji. Lizi left sadly. After Takiji learned the truth, she officially rejected Cuizi\’s feelings and finally saved Lizi.