Mirror (played by Maiko Kawakami) and her boyfriend Toyooka (played by Jimbo Goshi) have been in love for many years, but in the end they are abandoned. It turned out that Mapletree chose to marry the wealthy daughter Fukiko (Sawako Kitahara). After the marriage, Fukiko became pregnant and gave birth to a lovely daughter. The mirror was dazzled by jealousy and hatred. He secretly took this little baby away, named Mudan (Nanako Okawachi), and raised her up. After losing his first child, Fu Guizi gave birth to Xiang Shi (Ozawa Majo). Under the love of his father and mother, Xiang Shi grew up smoothly. Who knows that good fortune makes people, destiny makes Mudan and Xiang Shi, the sisters live under the same roof without knowing each other\’s true identity, Xiang Shi is a high-ranking lady, and Mudan is a low-status maid.