Aoyagi Emi (Ito Misaki) is the director and gold salesperson of the bag store of a century-old Japanese store. She knows how to see her words and colors, and she can always correctly figure out the psychology of the customers and successfully sell her bags. With her outstanding appearance and beautiful heart, she not only attracted the persistent pursuit of the playboy Aoyuan Masaki (played by Mitsuhiro Kawakawa), but also followed her jealous eyes. Among them, there are many rivals such as Da Shan Haruka (played by Koike Eiko). One day, the company airborne a beautiful girl, Riyao Riya (played by Kyoko Fukada). She was pure, sweet, warm and thoughtful, and she grabbed the hearts of customers at once. This increased the pressure on Emi, and what worries her even more is Riya’s chest. It can be said to be \”turbulent\”, making it look like an airport. Soon the titles of \”peak girl\” and \”wall girl\” spread, and the sisters Shuangshu were not troubled, but instead used their strengths to create new breakthroughs in market sales!