The TVN weekend series \”Flower Journey\” is based on the classic Chinese novel \”Journey to the West\”. It tells the story of the journey of Monkey King Monkey King with deadly decadent beauty and Master Sanzang with unique secular nature in search of light in the devil\’s rampant dark world in 2017 ; This is a fantasy drama that brings fun to people, thriller dramas bring excitement, role comedies bring fun to people, and romantic dramas bring heartbeat to people. The theme is novel and unfamiliar, but in order to be grounded, the drama will make use of the characters of Monkey King, Master Sanzang, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, and Niu Devil that people are familiar with through TV dramas, variety shows, and novels; written by \”Sister Hong\”, \”Best \”Love\” directed by the director, will premiere at 9 pm on December 23.