The novel \”Vulture\” by Hitoshi Mayama, published in 2004. In 1997 after the burst of the bubble, Masahiko Wazuzu, a foreign investment fund representative who suddenly appeared in Japan in the midst of a “lost decade” – suffering from bad debt despite severe bashing with “vultures” This work, which depicts the success of violently winning acquisitions of “large banks” and “prominent companies” with poor management, gained overwhelming support from office workers and became a bestseller. In addition, as a \”specialist for acquisition\”, we will thoroughly investigate the target company more than anyone, make it naked, and challenge the fight-only male is the appearance of dark hero Washizu who pushes forward with such overwhelming charisma Not only that, it also captivated many women. The \”Vulture\” will be a serial drama this summer, and it will arrive at 9 am on TV Asahi Thursday! The man who shook Japan as the \”strongest acquirer of companies\” boldly and delightfully puts a lot of effort into corrupt companies and the Japanese business world, and revolutionizes one after another-finally in July 2018 The “Washizu” Theater, which opens, is a refreshing entertainment that depicts the appearance of a man standing up against power!