Actress #吉高由里子# (30) will star in the new TBS Taiwan Fire 10 drama \”I Go Home on Time\”, which will be broadcast every Tuesday night at 10 o\’clock from April, challenging the OL for the first time and starring in the series for the first time. This play is adapted from Zhu Yeguizi’s novel of the same name. In the play, Jigao plays the 32-year-old single WEB director Yui Higashiyama who works for a WEB production company. He grew up watching his father who was a workaholic who didn’t go home. In her company, she is a working woman who insists on \”going home on time\”. The play uses the \”overtime problem\” of many companies to cut into the point of view, and re-examines the vital interests of marriage views, black enterprises, loneliness and death. In addition, the co-stars include Ri Mukai (36) as Yuihara\’s fiancé, Yuki Uchida (43) as the senior who returned to the workplace immediately after giving birth, and Yusuke Nakayama (47) as the black-hearted boss, starting in early February Shoot.