Because of the \”campus lawyer system\” introduced this spring, the new lawyer Akitaro Taguchi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) was dispatched to Aoba Daiichi Junior High School by the owner of the law firm Takajo (Minami Kaho). Guardian Mizushima (Horiuchi Keiko) is protesting to the head teacher Mochizuki (Kishi Yukino) because his daughter has been physically punished. Taguchi said, \”Your current behavior is forcibly obstructing business\” and drove away the guardian. The principal, Kurumori (Osakai Ichiki), was in a good mood because the major issues were resolved peacefully, but the dean of academic affairs Miura (Tanabe Seiichi) objected to Taguchi\’s approach. A few days later, the problem of corporal punishment developed into a state no one expected…@爱笑聚