“The classroom is a gradation.” Shinori, a high school girl who doesn\’t feel confident in herself or stands out at school, had a boyfriend who has been dating for half a year. The opponent is Misaki, the central person in the class that everyone admires. Shinori, who thought she would never get mixed up, seemed to be having a fulfilling day after she had an unexpected love. But she had a \”secret\” that no one could tell. One day, a certain incident triggers Shinori into a mysterious world. I was sober and unobtrusive, and became a popular person in the class. That child, who was at the center of everyone, is in the corner of the class. It was another two-year group B, where the classmate hierarchy was reversed. Another world where something different from usual classrooms and usual classmates. Can Shinori really get out of this world? Whereabouts of mysterious youth.