Akiba (Tatsuya Fujiwara) used to make a big acquisition to make a noise, but now he is living a quiet life as a freelancer whose main task is to develop apps. Akiba is living in the office of Koushirou (Harukasuke Sugino), the fledgling president of a staffing company with a lean management. It was a refurbished old arcade. Koushirou wanted to succeed as an entrepreneur by gathering beautiful women and holding parties and dinners, making connections with rich and successful managers and reversing his life. One day, they meet Eri (Reina Takeda), a girl in an erotic pink nurse outfit that is being chased by a dark finance company. And the strange living together life of Akiba, Koushirou and Eiri begins. On the other hand, Etchu (Etchu Kagawa), an Etchu fund that has a connection with Akiba in the past, continues to invest with the same stance as in the past, growing the scale of the fund significantly, controlling people with the power of money, And satisfied the inexhaustible desire for a woman. Akiba and Etchu are now living with the opposite sense of values, but they are determined to acquire Tokyo\’s key station, Chuo TV, with completely different motives. As a result, poor stage actress A (Natsuna) who wants to appear on TV, beautiful woman Saori (Rika Izumi) with a strange atmosphere, Miyauchi (MEGUMI) in Etchu, Wako (Yuta Koseki), Chuo TV Akatsukasa (Tomoto Yashima), Azabu (Ken Ishiguro), press correspondents (Kazuyuki Aijima, Maho Nonami, Mary Jun Takahashi, Takashi Yamanaka, Mayo), executives (Shingo Tsurumi, Shinsho Nakamaru) ), the president of a well-established entertainment office/office Sakurajima (Moro Shikaoka), celebrities (Masayuki Ito), and former gravure idol Nori (Ashi Meisei) begin to swell. Will Akiba and Etchu really succeed in acquiring the TV station? The day of the fateful confrontation between the two comes near to the end of the virtual tactics.