WOWOW and Hulu jointly produced a TV series, starring Kobayashi Satomi and Oshima Yuko. The two will play different roles in each episode. They will be a 20-minute original plot TV series. WOWOW produced 5 episodes and Hulu produced 4 episodes. 9 words; each word has a different guest. The WOWOW version will be broadcast from 0:00 on November 20th, and the guests for each episode are Takako Matsutaka, Tosaki Kaneko, Bengal, Toshio Karamoto, and Ken Mitsuishi; the Hulu version will be distributed from November 28, and the guest will be Katagiri. Kana/Sasaki Haruka, Miyato Kankuro/Ise Shima/Kota Watanabe, Taru Masako. The names of each word in WOWOW: \”Old Friends\”, \”Dawn\”, \”Repaying Grace\”, \”The Journey of the Soul\”, \”Shiratori Dance Classroom\”; the names of each story in Hulu: \”A House\”, \”Sports Field\”, \”Tavern Ants Qi\”, \”Above the Bench\”.