Takamizawa Hiroshi (Ichihara Hayato) has never forgotten his lover who disappeared suddenly, and has been searching for her. At this time, the lone bourgeois old man (Soichiro Kitamura) was strangled to death, detectives Shinji Imuro (Tetsuta Sugimoto) and Atsuko Nishimura (Usuda Yumi) discovered the hour Koyamamoto Miki (Hiromi Nagasaku) based on the testimony of their neighbors. Joined with the Metropolitan Police Department\’s search class and rushed to Miki\’s home. However, it was a step too late, at this time Miki had been detained by the Saitama prefectural police. Hongzhi happened to be there. The girlfriend finally found was taken away by the police. Hiroshi and lawyer Yatabe End (Tetsuji Tanaka) pursue the truth together. Miki was suddenly silent during the trial, and the case became more convoluted. Is she a wicked woman or a lady?