A full-time housewife, Natsuko Miyamoto (48), was told by her husband, Akira (54), to \”quit the company\” and was surprised to say nothing. He wants to work on agriculture, which he has been interested in for a long time. Until now, Natsuko, who has been devoting herself to housework as a full-time housewife, thought that her family\’s stability would be destroyed at once. However, both her daughter Hana (20) and her son Kotaro (17) said, \”I hope they each live freely.\” Natsuko feels dissatisfied, but suddenly thinks, \”Let\’s get a job now and work.\” However, there is no company that hires an Arafif housewife as a regular employee. Natsuko happened to be caught up in the turmoil of a local supermarket\’s time sale, and ended up spending time at the cash register, demonstrating her power as a full-time housewife. Set in a poorly managed supermarket, Natsuko\’s new life began…!