Asakumi (Yosuke Kubuzuka) is a high school teacher. One day, the figure of a girl in the school came into his eyes and made him excited. It turned out that the girl was called Misaki Yuka (played by Takako Tokiwa). She had a romantic relationship with Asami in college, but due to an accident, the two separated. Yuhua at this time was more charming than ever. Just as the two were extremely happy for this rare reunion, a strong earthquake hit, and the surroundings plunged into darkness. When the shallow sea opened his eyes again, the entire school and dozens of teachers and students were transported to the future, and humans’ uncontrolled destruction of the environment made it no longer suitable for survival. The turbid air, the shortage of food, the mutated species, the raging disease, the sinister human heart, in such a harsh environment, can the shallow sea protect the students who trust themselves? © Douban