The play is a 20-year-old temptation romance about young men and women who do not hesitate to devote all their lives to dangerous love. It is created based on the French novel \”Dangerous Relationship\”. Woo Joo Hwan plays the 20-year-old beast male power Shih Hyun with deadly eyes. He devotes himself to the dangerous game of seducing Eun Tae Hee. Park Soo-young plays Eun Tae-hee. She is a 20-year-old \”iron wall girl\” who has been played around by love and believes that she is the poorest person in the world. But after meeting with Quan Se-hyun, she realizes that she has been looking forward to love again. . Wen Jiajun plays Cui Xiuzhi, a model of 20 generations of women, female CEO, and daughter of the hospital dean. Because of her elegant background, even artists have made friends with her. Newcomer screenwriter + MBC one-act director, produced by BON FACTORY, who has produced \”The Lord\’s Sun\” and \”She Is Beautiful\”, and is expected to be broadcast in succession to \”Two Cops\”.