\”Help Me\” is adapted from Zhao Jinshan\’s webcomic \”Out of the World\”. It is set in a small city with a population of only 50,000 and tells the story of four unemployed youths who heard a woman\’s cry for help and did not ignore it. The story that happened. Taek Yeon plays the unemployed young Han Sang-hwan in the play. He is a character with a slender figure, handsome appearance and a warm and optimistic character. He was involved in a mysterious incident when he met Lin Sang-mi who had transferred from Seoul. Seo Ruizhi plays Lin Shangmi, who is controlled by a cult. With an elegant appearance, fair skin and a calm and quiet personality, she transferred from Seoul to the countryside due to the failure of her father’s career. Later, due to family troubles, her father began to rely on the cult leader. , She began to try to escape from the cult.