The new work of \”Hansawa Naoki\” and popular author Jun Ikeido will be adapted into a TV series by TBS next year and will be broadcast in October. \”Lu Wang\” tells the story of Koichi Miyazawa, the fourth-generation president of a century-old shop operating foot bags (two-toed footwear), who challenged the field of running shoes for corporate development. The talented actor Yoshihiro Hiroshi will play the leading role. Yakusho Koji plays Miyazawa, the operator of an old footbag shop in Saitama. Faced with a shrinking market, the company\’s capital chain is also stretched. After negotiating with relevant people in the bank, he decided to launch a new business plan, which is to use the experience of making foot bags to produce new running shoes that are not burdensome on the foot. But for this small company with only a few dozen people, this road is undoubtedly difficult. The funds, talents, creativity required for new product development and competition with well-known foreign brands. Miyazawa, who has been frustrated several times, has overcome difficulties step by step with the help of his family, employees, customers, banks, and friends. How can he achieve it? Dream? \”Lu Wang\” is such a story full of dreams and passion. Yakusho Koji said: \”In order to develop the\’Luwang\’ running shoes, Miyazawa has learned a lot from repeated overthrows, the most important of which is the bond between people. Although he is not a perfect one. Operators, but they have the charm of people to follow.\” It is reported that the producers of \”Hansawa Naoki\” and \”Shitamachi Rockets\” Iyota Hidetok and director Fukuzawa Katsuo will join.