The new series for 2019 begins when Kiriyama returned to the FBI in the United States for the first time in 12 years and returned to the “Aging Management Section” of Sobu station again. The main task of the \”Prescription Management Section\” is to send the materials of the cases that have become prescription to the prosecution and the management of the investigation materials, but the prescription of serious cases such as murder has been abolished, and it is even closer to the window than before. It was a department… Kiriyama, who has returned to such an old nest, resumes his \”hobby\” of investigating the case that has reached its prescription period. Kiriyama\’s hobbies are investigations, so the cases involved vary in size. Even if you find the criminal, you don\’t lose or lose, but you want to make sure that your reasoning is correct… that\’s it. In order not to worry too much about the criminal who has revealed the truth and turned blue, Kiriyama hands each criminal a card. That\’s… “I won\’t tell anyone a card”. Suspense, human drama, and laughter scattered throughout the play. In 2019, the comedy mystery \”Premium Police\” that laughs sadly is finally back! Surrealistic pop, and somehow loose… such a mysterious mystery will develop.