Living a different life, different people achieve their desired goals through travel while traveling through a French backpack. In such a common environment, it is inevitable to meet other people and want to portray their common experiences. Communication process. I want to show a TV series in which people temporarily stop their daily lives, open their hearts to each other through travel, and listen to each other\’s stories, like a warm travel. Sammalu (Jung Rong Hwa) who was thrown away by his girlfriend and traveled alone, Kim Kyung-jae (Cui Woo Sik), a company employee who had only been in love for 10 years, a suspicious man (Yun Bo) who was chasing Yoon Soo (Lee Yoon), and Unknown Relationship partner Jeong Yeon-sung (Yoo Seung-modified), website designer Han Sora (played by Ha Si-eun) who considers falling in love or getting married, Wu Gap-soo (played by Jung Kyu-soo), a stubborn old man with a strong force, who has been taking care of her husband all his life and getting older Han Fuzi (played by Lee Jihyun) and Nahyun (played by Park Yoona), who cannot see their age, formed the traveling team. And they were led by Yin Susu, a French study abroad guide.