Ikki (35), the main character, is a university lecturer who teaches \”zoological behavior\” to study animal behavior. I had just started my life as a lecturer half a year ago with the recommendation of a professor who studied under university. However, when it comes to my favorite animals and creatures, I can\’t keep up with the rules set by the university because I\’m so absorbed in other things that I can\’t keep up with other things. After all, I have a habit of putting off what I think is troublesome and I am not good at keeping time, so the dentist who just started to go asks, \”Is there no common sense?\” .. Ikki\’s class is \”out of the ordinary.\” Although the students will be asked to give their assignments and their opinions will be announced, in the end, they say \”I don\’t know the correct answer\”, which bothers them. Ikki\’s words and actions make the surroundings confused and sometimes frustrating. On the other hand, seeing Ikki, who \”looks at something unique without being bound by common sense and stereotypes,\” greatly shakes his sense of values. And when I was young, I was recklessly working on what I liked, and I remember the innocent feeling that everyone should have. \”Who decided it?\” \”The interpretation of the story is free.\” Ikki\’s words will surely ask your heart. This is a story to give to everyone who compares themselves with other people, with a laugh and a lasting smile. Please expect by all means!