Song Yuna played the role of Kim Yunjin, who was once a doctor who became a full-time housewife to focus on children\’s education. Due to her husband\’s recommendation, she met an entrance examination surrogate, and the two formed a deep friendship. Kim So Yeon plays the role of the mysterious exam nanny Risa Kim. She runs a homestay for children who come to study in the United States and is an exam nanny who gives them warm care. In Kim Tae Woo\’s drama, the husband played by Kim Yoon Jin (Song Yoon Ah), the police chief Han Jae Yeol, is gentle and affectionate, and he treats the prisoner 180 degrees. Song Zai Lin plays the role of powerful policeman Xia Zhengwan. Tall, handsome and honest. Take a step back and observe everything first, but once you start to do it, you will go ahead and do it without hesitation. The play is about the female suspense caused by a mysterious exam nanny in a family where the secret of the child’s death is hidden. [Parents with their children attending prestigious universities, who took the money to be entrusted by others to help tutor other families’ children for the college entrance examination] Thriller