Lawyer Ren Jian Kyoko quit her job with the opportunity of having a child and became a full-time housewife, supporting her husband as an elite prosecutor, raising children, and guarding the family. However, one day, the husband who served as the head of the special search department of the Tokyo prefectural police was suddenly arrested on suspicion of malfeasance. Moreover, his scandals with women have also been exposed. Since then, Kyoko, who has dedicated everything to her family as a \”good wife\”, has experienced a life turned upside down. The truth about her husband’s sex scandal is confusing. In order to protect her children, Kyoko decides to return to the workplace. With the help of the same period as a judicial intern, she was hired by a law firm. Returned to the legal profession after a lapse of 16 years. During the work window, doubts about her husband, and the reunion with the same period, Kyoko, who was struggling with all kinds of difficulties, was not discouraged and faced it with strength.