Osawa Yu (Miyama Karen) and Nakamura Misha (Furuhata Hoshika) are good friends who study at the same high school. No, Koizumi (played by Hayami Akari), who had just transferred from their class, entered Yu\’s vision. Koizumi\’s skin is fair, black and smooth, she is proud and independent, noble and glamorous, and hardly talks to anyone around her, so girls such as Mesa don\’t like this new girl at all. One day while going to school, Yu found Koizumi standing in line at a ramen shop. Out of curiosity, she took the initiative to strike up a conversation. From this, she learned that Koizumi is an unusual girl with an extraordinary obsession and love for delicious ramen. She is familiar with the production process of ramen noodles, often listens to the recordings of noodles, and treasures famous products from all over the world. Under her influence, Yu and Misa also joined the ramen army…This film is based on the manga of the same name by Naruto.