The play tells the story of a lawyer who does not believe in the law and solves it with his fists. In order to avenge his mother, he stands alone in front of a justice court and confronts a lawyer who has omnipotent power. This is a court action drama depicting a lawyer who runs for revenge, describing his road to revenge and growth. Lee Jun-ki plays Feng Shangbi, a lawyer who slapped power insiders. He witnessed his mother\’s tragic death when he was a child. Later, because of his grief and indignation, he regarded revenge for his mother as his life goal and an absolute mission. Xu Ruizhi plays the role of Xia Zaiyi, who is very dominant and independent in doing anything. He was originally a lawyer. He became the chief of affairs for the atrocities of judges. After becoming chief of affairs, he and Fengshang must know each other and became the central figure in the incident. Li Huiying plays the respected \”Mother Theresa\” Cha Wenshu in the legal world. Although she is an absolute queen, she is a figure who swallows all kinds of power, desire and evil. Feng Shangbi appeared in front of her, and she began to waver. Choi Min-soo plays An Wu Yijiao, the chaebol who is full of ambitions for power and desire. He hides his shameless past and extremely bad qualities. He is a full scheming man.