Satoru Fujinuma (voiced by Manshima Shinosuke) has a supernatural ability to go back in time, his mother Sachiko (voiced by Takayama Minami) was killed, and his once trusted friend Jun Shiratori (voiced by Mizushima Daisuke) is about to be the true murderer of the serial murders of children Was sentenced to death, at this moment, Wu suddenly returned to 1988, back to the elementary school he was studying. At that time, classmates Hatsuki Kayo (voiced by Yukibi) and Yamada Hiromi (voiced by Onito Akari) who died in the murder case had not been killed. Satoru decided to use his abilities to protect the safety of Kayo and Hiromi, and clear Toritsu. And find the real man behind the scenes. With Wu\’s efforts, Kadai, who had a gloomy and lonely personality, finally opened his heart to him, and the two forged a deep friendship. Soon, the day when the case happened came, and the dark night passed. When the light came, could Satoru see Kayo\’s innocent smiling face again?