The play is a fantasy costume drama that tells a love story of court survival in a fierce battle surrounding the \”position of the princess\”. Describes that people with their own goals gather together to start endless competition, love and betrayal in order to choose a woman who can stand beside the king. Chen Shiyan plays Jiang Enbao. She has a beautiful and lovely appearance, but she is actually a hero who has the courage and courage to arm herself with action. She entered the palace as a princess in order to kill her sister\’s prisoner. She was a figure who knew her goal very well. Kim Min-kyu plays the Wang Li Qing. He is proficient in learning and has a handsome appearance. He wants to be a king who is not ashamed of putting people first. He is a character who pursues love and dreams. Li Shiyan plays the host of Furong Prefecture. He is a character who uses the nickname \”yue\” as his name. Du Shangyu plays Lee Jae-hwa. One day, he suddenly became the first king to succeed to the throne. He has a free soul, but suddenly entered the palace and started a rampage life. Li Lieyin plays Zhao Yingzhi, the daughter of Zuo Yizheng and Zhao Xingjian. She is a lady with many smiles and tears. She is careful in every move and will not lose her father\’s face.