\”Fox Bride Star\” (script: Jiang Yinqing, director: Shin Woo-cheol) tells the story of Li Xiuyan and Han Tianxia, ​​who met at Incheon Airport with trauma and shortcomings, and clashed with people passing by Incheon Airport. It is a touching and romantic growth drama. After graduating from KAIST, Lee Di-hoon plays Lee Soo-yeon, who entered Incheon Airport with his unusual experience and full TOEIC score. He came to Incheon Airport with the goal of adapting to life here for only 6 months, keeping a proper distance from the people around him. Mysterious person. Cai Xiubin plays Han Xiaxia who comes to Incheon Airport with a dream. Although he watches the plane take off and land every day, he has never taken a plane. After three times, he was finally admitted to Incheon Airport, but after the accident, he was carrying the role of \”human bomb\” and was dispatched to the busiest passenger service team. Lee Dong Gun will play Xu In Woo, a senior operation planning team leader with flexible and friendly leadership. He is a master of dealing with others and one of the young people in power in Incheon Airport who advances faster than anyone. Kim Ji-soo is Yang Shujun, the passenger service team leader of Incheon Airport\’s passenger service department. She is a passionate female madman who can stand upright in front of customers even in the face of crisis. She is a figure who leads the career life of Li Xiuyan and Han Tiantian.