The play is adapted from an online novel of the same name written by the original writer and screenwriter Su Zai. It is about a girl who is pregnant and her boyfriend asks her to kill the child. She ran to her boyfriend\’s mother\’s house regardless of her and declared that she would live until the child was born, and gave up everything for love. In fact, her boyfriend\’s mother was living alone because of her husband\’s affair. Therefore, she and her boyfriend\’s mother started a wonderful cohabitation life. Zhao Baoer plays the part of Zhenxiao, a cheerful college student. Unmarried, pregnant but very responsible, leading the development of the plot with Cai Shina, the actor of the boyfriend’s mother in the play, interpreting the resonance and emotions of two women of different generations when they meet. Cai Shina\’s mother, who played the heroine\’s boyfriend, lived in isolation after she separated from her husband. Until the son\’s girlfriend appeared and lived together. Lee Sung-jae plays the Boeing 747 captain Han Sang-jin, a character who has made great changes in his life due to a momentary mistake, but still does his best to fulfill his husband and father\’s responsibilities. Li Junying will also play an important role in the play.