Netflix renews the second season of the Korean drama \”The Kingdom\”, and plans to start production after the first season of the show is broadcast at the end of this year and early next year. Will return in full. \”Kingdom\” tells the story of King Seja of Joseon who discovered the cruel truth threatening the country\’s safety during the investigation of a bizarre disease. It is a six-episode zombie drama. The second season will continue from the first season, and the whole story will end in the second season. According to Korean media, the second season of \”The Kingdom\” is currently being developed with a specific schedule, and it is planned to start production after the first season of \”The Kingdom\” is broadcast in December this year or early next year. The first season starring Liu Chenglong, Zhu Zhixun and Bae Doona will continue to star, and \”Signal\” screenwriter Kim Eun Hee will continue to write.