The story takes place in the private eight optical garden located in the outskirts of Tokyo. This school is dedicated to cultivating noble and pure daughters and is famous for it. However, what everyone can\’t believe is that since April 2011, this temple that has never been visited by men has begun to recruit boys, and the five boys headed by Fujino Kiyoshi (Nakagawa Daishi) have become The first batch of male students in the history of this school. Under the instigation of Zhuge Yueren (Karamoto Tokiyo), Wakamoto Shingo (Yano Sage), Andre (Sakamoto Yusuke) and Nezu Joji (Miyagi Daiki), Fujino decided to go with them Peeping into the women\’s bathhouse, the four people who were arrested soon were of course punished by the mysterious organization \”li student union\” inside the campus. They were imprisoned in a \”prison\”, and every day they were \”tortured\” and \”ravaged\” by the president, Li Yuan Wanli (played by Yamazaki Huna) and other backbones of the student union.