He has a unique personality and thought, which makes people confused, free, unruly, dark and ruthless. He has a huge amount of knowledge and keen insight, the enigmatic man Izawa Norito (played by Kazuki Sawamura) is actually a former elite police officer. Especially good at sneaking and searching. Because of a certain case, he was moved to the left to serve as the head of the Department of Information, General Affairs Department. On the surface, the data class looks like a gathering place for problem characters, but secretly a secret plan is being carried out. This plan is to collect the personal information of all Japanese citizens, national surveillance cameras, e-mail and telephone communication data into big data, and then use artificial intelligence and statistics to analyze the crime data in the past 15 years to find out the possibility A highly dangerous person who will commit homicide. In order to make the \”non-criminal system\” practical, the data class must use the information of these dangerous persons to conduct infiltration searches to understand when, where and why the target will kill who, so as to prevent the case from happening. So the data class on the surface is actually a brand-new criminal investigation system called \”unoffenders\”. At the same time, Iizawa is also responsible for the management of a group of very individual subordinates. Including Toru Yamauchi (Yokoyama Hiroshi), who has been looking for his missing partner Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) and confronted Izawa, trembling S fighting policewoman Odagiri Yui (Honda Tsubasa), and the grieving hacker master Minamihiko Taro (Karamoto) Shisheng), the omnipotent but humble Tamura Kaoru (Hirata Mitsubishi). And their direct person in charge, Todo Sadaharu (Atsushi Ito), wanted to introduce the crime prediction system to the elite of Japan\’s Metropolitan Police Department, and created the \”non-criminal\”. As for the original protagonist Sakuragiizumi in the series, she was a newcomer policewoman in the last two series. After 7 years, she has become an active investigator on the front line. However, one time she disappeared during a special mission. The Metropolitan Police Department tried to avoid the public. Panic, hide the \”inappropriate truth\” related to her disappearance. However, the emergence of the \”non-criminal\” system is probably related to her disappearance. What is the ulterior truth in it? What is the relationship between the new protagonist Norito Izawa and Izumi Sakuragi?