The play is adapted from the well-known comic artist Hideo Iura\’s original popular manga of the same name, \”Criminal Bow God\” (Shogakukan \”Big Comic Original\” [youth half-month] serialization). Tadanobu Asano plays the role of Yugami, a criminal policeman who has a unique reasoning and observation ability, without any preconceived notions, and uses a keen eye to insight into the dark side of human nature, in order to pursue the truth and even resorts to illegal means. It is appropriate to play the role of Kamiki Takanosuke who has excellent performance and honesty. Serious, new criminal policeman Toruo Hayu with a strong sense of justice. In the play, Hanyu is shouted around by the bow gods, and two extremely different partners will work together to solve various difficult cases. The play is presented in the form of one episode and one case, with different luxurious actors joining each episode.