Released in 2019, \”Legend Prince 2: The Birth of a Nobleman\” is a Japanese and Korean drama directed by the director, starring Shirahama Aran, DAIGO, Sato Ruji, Maeda Koki and others. The Japanese and Korean drama \”Legend Prince 2: The Birth of a Nobleman\” was released in Japan and South Korea. Baidu cloud resources, Thunder HD downloads, and resources such as the legendary Prince 2: The Birth of a Nobleman are collected from the Internet. If you have better and faster resources, please Contact Watermelon Film Network. The nightclub clubs that the law and the police cannot interfere with each other are competing for supremacy. Problems such as sales, alcohol consumption, and quarrels are constantly unfolding. I have no relationship with such a brilliant world. Shintaro Ando (played by Shirahama Aarashi) inherited from his parents \”Full-day Civil Engineering\” in the civil engineering industry, working as the president. With the appearance of Shintaro’s brother SENIOR (DAIGO) as an opportunity, Full-day Civil Engineering and \”NIGHT RING\” No. 1 nightclub club \”Texas\” started a power struggle . In addition, the club \”San Maruchino\” was also involved, and the situation developed into a battle to protect important things between brothers. The students of Saint Gem Academy also got in touch with NIGHT RING because of a man’s idea