Jin Yuzhen plays the role of a positive fourth-dimensional girl Ji Goxue. She is a person who doesn\’t care about dirty and suddenly decides to go to work in a cleaning company. The male protagonist An Hyo-seop will play the final adjustment and will play the role of Jang Shanjie, the CEO of the cleaning company. Song Zai Lin is expected to play the unemployed Cui Jun who lives in the tower of Jiwuxue\’s house. This is a new role that was not in the original comics and was added during the adaptation. The play is adapted from the web comic of the same name. It tells the romantic love story of a man who runs a cleaning company, has perfect financial resources and looks but has serious cleanliness, and a bright and cute four-dimensional girl who is alive and unruly. The director of \”Personal Orientation\” + the screenwriter of \”North Korean Sharpshooter\” is expected to be broadcasted in April from \”Come on Waikiki\”.