The highest level of education is only the high school appraisal test. Zhang Klai (played by Ren Shiwan), who has no foreign language ability, no specialties, and no skills, has nothing but Go in his lonely life. As a young boy, due to family changes, after failing to apply for a graduate student at the Korean Chess Academy, he has been abandoning himself and doing nothing. At the age of 26, he was still doing odd jobs. With his relationship, he airborne into a comprehensive trading company and became an intern in the business group 3. On the first day of employment, Zhang Klein couldn\’t even use a photocopier. He also asked An Yingyi (played by Jiang Sula), who is also an intern, to answer the phone. When he first entered the workplace, facing his colleagues with first-class foreign language skills and excellent work ability, he was immediately surrounded by great frustration and felt that he was out of place and self-confident. At the same time, after the special identity of Zhang Keli\’s paratrooper was exposed, he was immediately questioned and excluded by interns in the same period. Section Chief Wu (played by Li Shengmin) of the business team 3 of his immediate boss also has a grudge about Zhang Keli\’s identity. This made Zhang Klai realize that he has nothing, and he can only survive here if he has to work harder than everyone else… This film is based on the webcomic of the same name written by the author of Yin Taihao, which is called the \”working class textbook\”.