In order to inherit the inheritance, the \”post-wife industry\” engaged in marriage fraud with elderly property owners as the target of the story unfolding on the stage in Osaka. Takeuchi Sayako (played by Kimura Yoshino) is a genius at deceiving men. On the surface, Hiraki Hiroshi (played by Takahashi Katsunori), who runs a marriage agency, runs the \”post-wife business\” secretly, and Takeuchi Xiaoyako is the trump card of the \”post-wife business\”. With her beauty, speaking skills and courage, she made many men prisoners of her. As a later wife, she took care of the men before her death and got the inheritance. The daughter of the bourgeoisie Nakase Tomomi (Tae Kimura), who is targeted by Xiao Yezi, confronts Xiao Yezi with the help of the familiar private detective Ben Tayoshi (Ibara Tsuyoshi) to protect the inheritance of his sick father. Together with the characters of different temperaments surrounding these four people, the heroic battle between Xiaoyako and Bomu vs Tomomi and Honda is about to kick off! Xiaoyako, Bomu, Tomomi and Honda, who can have the last laugh! ? This series is adapted from the novel of the same name by the Naoki Award-winning writer Hiroyuki Kurokawa, starring Kimura Yoshino. Various desires and intentions in the play are about to move around, full of delightful suspense, and the love affair of the four is also complicated. Please look forward to the adult love story! (@追新番 original translation)