Kim Nam-jee will play the role of Xu Lin (transliteration), a North Korean man with high medical skills in the play. He is tall, handsome, and casual and casual about everything. Lieutenant General Jin Ya starred in Seoul woman Choi Yeon-kyung (transliteration), a cold-faced female with scars and secrets in her heart. She is a thoracic surgeon at a hospital. She has a beautiful appearance, exquisite makeup, and a model-like figure, but she speaks boldly and has a cold expression. It was the first \”Walking Medical Book\” for 6 consecutive years during the medical school. The film tells that Xu Lin, the recognized first acupuncturist in North Korea, was born poor and bumped into a wall, and therefore lost his original intention. After that, he came to the future 400 years later, in Seoul in 2017, and met the story of Cui Yeon-kyung, a believer in modern medicine and a bold personality. This is a fusion of modern medicine and traditional Korean medicine. In the long history of fascinating characters, it is the first double-travel drama of male and female protagonists (male protagonists go to modern times, female protagonists go to ancient times).