Hair dye can be said to be one of the most simple and quick ways to dress up. As long as the hair color conforms to their skin color, you can instantly pull up your appearance level and charm and improve the hair’s texture and gloss. Therefore, most girls will choose to dye their hair to enhance their image and fashion hairstyle.
In this issue, we will bring you a group of popular hair colors that will be hot in 2022. Fashion is white, textured, low-key, luxurious, and high quality. So if you’re going to dye your hair, check this out.

Step 1: Determine the right hair color based on your skin tone
  • Cold skin tone – warm tone
  • Warm skin tone – calm tone
The first step to determining your hair color is to know your skin tone because different skin colors work differently. A blank paper sheet is the easiest way to determine your skin tone. Girl with cool skin are better off balancing each other out with warm hair tones, while warm skin tones work best with cool hair tones. Adjust your complexion by matching our skin tones to make your skin look whiter.
Q1: How do you choose a dark hair color?
A1: Try to choose dark colors
If you have a problem with dark skin, you can first try to use dark hair color when choosing hair color. The dark color is more suitable for women with yellow skin because for women with dark skin. We are most afraid of looking black. Light hair color is difficult to control at this time, but it will lead to dark hair color and skin color contrast.
Q2: What hair color do you choose with white skin?
A2: Earth tone
Girls with fair skin have a less limited choice of hair color than girls with other skin tones. But an earthy color is better for you than a light one, and dark hair color will make your skin look fairer than a light one. On the other hand, if you use a lighter color, you won’t have a strong contrast with your skin and may look rustic.
Step 2: What are the minefields of hair color?
1. Avoid balayage
It seems that balayage has been popular in the last two years, but this hair color is complicated to control, especially if you have black roots. Then if you pick up other color balayage, hair ends can quickly become rustic. If you do not carefully care for your hair, it will make you look older.
Therefore, when we color our hair, we still need to unify some and directly choose this pure hair color to highlight the advanced feeling, whether it is white skin or yellow skin eyebrow, we should keep this in mind.

2. Coarse hair rejecting bright hair colors
Many girls have coarse hair, so try not to go too bright. Coarse hair means that the hair is not good enough, not smooth enough. If you dye bright hair color, it is easy to reveal the poor quality of your hair and make it look drier. Dark hair colors are more natural and will reduce the brightness and texture of your hair.
Popular hair colors of 2022
NO.1 Rose gold 
There are some differences between rose gold and classic pink. Although this rose gold powder saturation is high, it is pink into a drop of golden feeling. Such a color is awe-inspiring, suitable for white skin sisters, and also very suitable for those facial features more delicate than stereotypical women.
And when dyeing this rose gold pink hair color, you must make up. Otherwise, you will look terrible because your aura can not be controlled but will have a self-defeating feeling. So when bloggers went with this hair color, her makeup was pinkish to look harmonious.
NO.2 Cold brown
You can go with an excellent brown hair color if you have a darker skin tone. This relaxed brown style has a brisk style and will look very polished. It is suitable for square faces and women with long faces.
And excellent brown hair color is naturally easy to take care of. It may not look too obvious indoors, but in the sun will appear natural hair color. This brown will be more obvious.
No.3 Milk tea brown
Cold milk tea in front of brown and brown, there are some difference between tea brown prefer to relatively warm color to move, this will give a person a kind of hot and loving feeling, if you are this kind of style, then you can be infected with this hair color. Milk tea brown suit round-faced woman, he will appear your facial features especially the full and soft, also can let you look white and ruddy skin condition.
This year you can catch these three hair colors, there are natural, there are more exaggerated styles, but no matter what kind of style you like, the one that suits you is the best, but when choosing hair color, you should try according to your skin, and consider the style that suits you, so don’t follow the same trend.
No matter warm or cool, yellow or red, as long as it suits your skin tone, there is no problem. If you don’t know which hair color will work for you, go to a salon and ask a professional colorist to recommend the right hair color based on your skin tone.