Many people wish they had shiny black hair, but some people’s hair looks smooth, while others look frizzy. Every woman wants to be beautiful. Hair is essential. Let’s see how to maintain it. Many people often change hairstyles and often dye perm hair. If you ignore the maintenance of hair, it will severely damage our hair quality. Hair colorants contain many chemicals that affect our hair’s quality and cause some damage to our scalp. Because the number of dyeing hair perm more, our hair quality will become very poor, and many people are distressed, so we must learn to maintain hair skills.
Quality is terrible is prone to dry hair, bifurcate, knot and so on a series of problems, especially in the morning brush their hair, tie the most prone to the phenomenon of entanglement, if we stiff comb my hair, not only pull scalp painful, hair is easy to bend, broken hair knot of the more severe suggests that our hair, the worse, So maintain hair repair damage hair qualitative appears very important.

So what can we do to maintain our hair so that we have beautiful black hair? Look below the method that a few maintain hair.
-Trimming your hair regularly and comb it properly
If our hair is not trimmed for a long time, the end of the hair will become very hairy and dry. Bifurcation is also increasing, and hair quality is getting worse and worse, so we must regularly trim the hair. Usually, every two months trimming the end of the hair can remove the bifurcation of the hair and make the hair look more smooth. In the selection of comb, we recommend that you choose peach comb. During the winter, your hair can produce static electricity.
Using a wood comb can effectively improve static electricity; a plastic comb will produce a lot of static electricity, leading to our hair is not convenient. Using a wood comb can reduce hair damage. In addition, after we wash the head, when the hair is still wet, we should choose a wide-tooth comb to reduce the damage to our hair. Because when your hair is wet, it is often messy. If you use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair at this time, it is easy to pull your hair, damage your hair, and may also tear your scalp, so maintaining your hair is also very important in choosing a comb。

-Washing your hair regularly.
Cleanness is essential, and you want to wash commonly for 2 to 3 days. You also want to control the strength of suitable water temperature and shampoo when shampooing. Water temperature is too high can injure a hair, strength is too big can injure scalp, water temperature controls in 40 degrees or so commonly. Furthermore, a lot of people wash their hair, like to blow dry with a hair dryer, which is fast fast, but the damage to the hair is vast, the hair dryer will be very dry, but also very fluffy, want to make the hair longer and better, or natural air drying is better, which is also worth paying attention to the maintenance of the hair.

-Apply hair products
It is also essential to apply hair products to your daily care. For example, after washing hair, in hair root 1/3 place daub protects hair product, massage scalp slightly, promote hair to absorb nutrient, and reduce scalp to this protects hair product allergy degree at the same time.
-To pay attention to the daily care
Don’t tie your hair too tight. Use a rubber band like a telephone cord to tie your hair and reduce the number of perms you have. Because most hair dyes contain a large number of chemical components, these components are very harmful to the human body. After dyeing and perming, daily care is also critical.