I believe many people suffer from hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss, which may be related to people’s dietary habits, work and rest patterns, life stress, etc. But I wonder if you know incorrect hair washing habits cause hair loss. Today we will talk about the correct way to wash your hair.
1. Smooth out your hair before washing it
Combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb before washing not only helps to remove the dirt and dust from the inner layers of your hair but also reduces the amount of pulling on your scalp due to tangles and other problems when washing. If you’re already losing hair, you’ll lose even more if you tug. Combing your hair also tidies up some of the hair that has broken off but not yet fallen out. Especially for curly-haired girls, the curly ends often hide a lot of hair that has fallen out but is stuck inside, which can look particularly frizzy, and combing before washing can help alleviate this.
2. Control the water temperature
I believe many people wash their hair in the shower as a process, and the water temperature will be higher in winter. Still, too high a water temperature can damage the hair, making it fragile and prone to breakage, which in the long run will cause hair loss. In summer, cold water is not easy to remove grease and grime, so it’s best to control the water temperature so that your scalp doesn’t feel hot. Of course, everyone’s perception of hotness is different, so a water temperature of 30 to 40 degrees is reasonable. Warm water helps to promote the metabolism of dirt on the scalp, so you can cleanse better without damaging your hair.
3. Washing with your head down is better than washing with your head up
As with the above, washing and bathing is a one-step process, a shower from head to toe.
Generally speaking, there are two ways of washing in one process: to keep your face out of the water, but this is very easy to get your hair unclean, especially if you have long hair. The deeper roots, hairline, sideburns and other edges are more likely to have shampoo residue, leading to dandruff, itchiness and other problems. The second is to wash your face directly without avoiding water. The advantage of cleaning this way is that it is convenient, but in either case, there is more or less damage to the scalp or skin. The high water temperature in winter does harm not only the hair but also the skin on the face.
4. Shampoo should be gathered before it is applied to the scalp
I wonder if it is the habit of most people to squeeze shampoo and apply it directly to the scalp when washing their hair? There has been a lot of controversy over the fact that pouring shampoo on your head can cause hair loss.
Regardless of whether or not a large amount of shampoo on the scalp will cause hair loss, I prefer to lather before putting it on my head. The main reason for doing this is to reduce the damage caused by rubbing the shampoo directly on the scalp. Just as we rub our hands together before using face wash, if we rub the squeezed-out shampoo directly on our face, the friction will be extreme at the beginning and will cause damage to the skin over the years (except for foaming shampoos).
5. Some hair care products should not be applied directly to the hair
Conditioner or hair oil (except scalp care products) is mainly for hair care. Some ingredients in the conditioner, if applied directly on the scalp, will quickly clog the hair follicles, and rinsing is not easy to wash clean, affecting the health of the scalp and leading to increased oil production, dandruff and hair loss. Some girls with damaged and frizzy hair or short hair may put conditioner all over their head when washing their hair and, incidentally, their scalp, which is a mistake.
6. Blow dry your hair before going to bed
Sleeping with wet hair affects your health and damages your hair. Allow enough time for your hair to dry before going to bed. The contact between damp hair and the pillow during sleep is even more intense than that of dry hair. And after a night of rubbing, your hair is dry and styled, so when you wake up, it’s not just a matter of combing it out. Sometimes when you’re in a hurry to get out of the house in the morning, you’ll have to deal with the knots even more urgently, and a slight roughness will result in breakage and hair loss. In addition, once wet hair is laid on the pillow, the pillow will be wet, and it will be difficult to dry it by pressing it all night, and the bacteria that grows on the pad will rub around on your face, quickly leading to acne.
7. Wash your hair regularly
Although you don’t need to wash your hair every day, you do need to wash it once every two to three days. Even if you stay at home and don’t go out, there is not that much dust at home. But the scalp will still produce oil and dirt, long time not washing hair inside has hidden a lot of bacteria, head oil also clogged scalp, hair falls more powerful. This is not conducive to strong hair growth.
8. Change your shampoo once in a while
I can’t keep using the same shampoo for a long time, even if I think it works particularly well when I first start using it. If I use one brand of shampoo for several bottles in a row without changing it, I end up with itchy, dandruffy, super easy to get oily and hair fall in the later stages. When I switched to another shampoo, the situation improved a lot. After changing shampoos for a while, I don’t have that problem when I return to the previous one, so it’s not related to the shampoo itself. If you are in a similar situation, you can also try changing shampoos. It might help you.