Welcome to the bargain shop. Updating the wardrobe is a separate female pain. This year I want to solve this problem as cheaply as possible. I’ll tell you how I buy things. I’ve long since stopped agonizing over pointless shopping trips, wasted money, and closets.


At one point, I couldn’t handle the analysis in the closet alone. I found a stylist who spent 1,000 yuan to put all the clothes together and then wrote a list of things I needed to buy. I had to get rid of half the old stuff in the analysis.


How professionals in the field can make it fun to keep working. I purchased the following service – a 2000 yuan gift card escort. You say: “Waste of money!” I see. I don’t notice things myself. But, after looking at the stylists’ work, she established basic principles for handling images.


For three years, I’ve been dealing with the realization of my wardrobe on my own. It was hard to find new ideas, but I learned how to use references, and it became easier.


Now is not the time to spend on stylists and accompanists. So I combined all my knowledge and experience and wrote a little tutorial.
First, you need to sort out what it is. Then, collect capsules with accessories and shoes. Next, get rid of things that are outdated and look bad. After analyzing and planning a purchase, the probability of buying the wrong item goes to zero.
Then it would be best if you found references. This is the hardest and the longest. I use Pinterest. In search, enter a query containing a description of the thing you have chosen companions for. Collect your favorite references into a separate folder. When forming images, pay attention to shoes and accessories. They often set the mood.


Go to the store and try them on. You need to be prepared.
1. Make a list of things and stores. Stylists suggest you find a few brands that match your style and price. As a result, you’ll spend less time shopping and calculate costs ahead of time.


2. When trying on clothes, wear the underwear you plan to wear under your new outfit. For example, if you try something on in tights, it will look different or smaller without them. Same story as the bra.
3. When you go to the mall, put on whatever you need to pick up in a set. Then, you can change clothes and make-up in the fitting room. This will allow you to evaluate the complete image. If your wardrobe needs a major update, bring something to the store.


There are some more practical tips.
1. If you’re on a budget, go for classic cuts, pastel colors, and basics without vibrant prints and overdone embellishments. This will be the base of the wardrobe. After that, one or two fashion items or accessories are enough to keep the look modern.
2. When choosing between a dress, a blouse, and a skirt, choose the latter. You can choose other companions for them. The wardrobe looks richer when all the “tops” and “bottoms” are combined. You can collect four different looks from four things. This does not apply to dresses.
3. In money-saving mode, only buy stuff in exchange for clutter. With a more liberal budget, choose not to duplicate the base but replenish it with closet items—something super stylish, bright, or unusual in a cut.


It’s enough to do a lot of work at once, and then updating your wardrobe will come naturally.
Do you have your secret on how to look good without spending a fortune on clothes?