There is a stereotype in the world that French women are very feminine and elegant. They really have a lot of secrets to female beauty. One indisputable advantage is that they avoid serious clothing choices. Today we share their life hacks.
1. Don’t wear high heels
Shoes with high heels look tempting. The ladies seem happier. The silhouette is lengthened to look more in proportion. However, if the heels are too high, the gait becomes heavy and clumsy. The glamour of the past will be gone.
2. No push-up bras
The bra didn’t go down well in France, where women prioritize nature. Natural beauty is the key to French style. And foam rubber doesn’t fit the parameters of the local beauty industry.
3. Don’t choose products with luxury brand logos
The downside is that their images are very cheap. Luxury women never flaunt their love of brands. Most fashionistas prefer simple styles without flashy logos. They take themselves seriously and don’t try to defend themselves at the expense of famous designer clothes.
4. Not wearing too much jewelry
A well-groomed woman likes harmony. Rich accessories make the image heavier and lower at the same time. It became crowded with too many decorations. In general, French women wear no more than three pieces of jewelry. They give priority to quality.
5. Not looking “overdressed” or, conversely, bored
Style should not be sad. French women are not allowed to wear bright makeup or dresses with necklines. They are convinced that the focus should be on one detail. Bold looks are combined with neutral makeup.
6. Not looking “hip”
A true French woman doesn’t change her wardrobe with every “fashion breeze.” She sticks to her style and looks elegant and neat rather than super fashionable. It is this detail that often sets them apart from the fashion-conscious.
7. Not wearing nude pantyhose
It’s one of the most controversial items in a woman’s wardrobe. Fashionistas simply don’t buy tights to avoid taking risks. Wearing tights with open shoes is considered completely inappropriate taste.
French women look flawless because they understand fashion taboos. They create images in a harmonious way. Pay attention to details, but don’t overload the image with them.