Every woman has her beauty, but any appearance needs tailoring. In other words, you need to work on yourself, try to dress fashionably, take care of your hair, manicure, and take care of your face. Of course, many people sigh that I would look like candy if I had money.
Money is certainly needed, and cheap dresses on the market are not for women who care about their appearance. However, there is no need to buy very expensive haute couture. Here are some tips to help you look expensive and stylish.
Notice how things are sewn.
Since we’re talking about the mass market, always check lines, zippers, and buttons when you buy something. In a quality item, the seams are even, the lines don’t stick out, and the buttons don’t look cheap. Yet, surprisingly, you can find high-quality tailoring and downright hacker work on the same counter in a mid-priced store. So, check each item carefully.


Read labels
A very important point is the composition of the fabric. Of course, pure linen, silk, or cashmere is unlikely to be available at thrift stores. But their cotton, viscose, and wool stuff were found. Most things today are made of blended fabrics, a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. Adding a small amount of synthetic material does not destroy things; on the contrary, it gives the material certain properties and qualities. For example, fabrics have better wear resistance, fewer wrinkles, and so on.
But pure synthesis is different. Expensive tracksuits for exercise, for example. But frankly, there are also cheap synthetic materials that look cheap. Such things should be avoided.
To look more expensive, you need to choose the color of your wardrobe carefully. A lack of expressive and dull colors and overly bright, acidic colors will reduce the value of the image.
To create stylish and expensive images, you should choose a model with a small range of chromatic aberrations, ideally black and white. Gray may seem expensive, but you shouldn’t overuse it to avoid becoming a “gray mouse.” Pastel tones look spectacular, as well as bright, clean tones.
It is important to choose a hue that considers your appearance color type. For example, your face should not “get lost” in the background of bright clothes. Plus, some colors and tones (for example, swamps) can make a face look unhealthy.
Print carefully. Drawings on fabric can greatly reduce the cost of images. Of course, the easiest and almost infallible choice is a geometric print. But that does not mean alternatives should be avoided.
You can look chic and cheap in the same infamous “leopard.” Therefore, if you are not sure whether you have a subtle sense of style, it is best to avoid complex and overly active patterns on fabrics.
Try to create a monochrome ensemble by selecting things of the same color but with different textures. Such ensembles seem feasible and expensive.


Women over 50 should not try to follow fashion. Of course, you need to consider fashion trends, but when it comes to elegance, you should find your style and stick to it. If you can’t decide on the style, focus on classics. It’s always relevant.


For example, you can create a basic wardrobe in a classic style and then add edgy pieces to the outfit.
Custom things
Mass-production pieces are sewn to an “average” body shape, and we’re all different, so it can be difficult to choose clothes that “sit well.” Therefore, it is necessary and important to customize people. Ideally, you’ll need to sew things individually, but that’s expensive. But it’s cheaper to “load” things up.


Therefore, new things that don’t fit perfectly can and should be handed over to the studio. Yes, it will add to the cost of clothing, but things will be like gloves.