Summer Italianate style is the perfect solution for those who appreciate femininity and elegant image. Here, simple wardrobe items made of natural fabrics are preferred, usually in muted color tones. Regarding wardrobe items, stylish Italians use the most waist-conscious items.


Most importantly, they never forget the accessories that make any lady look great. Today, we’ll tell you what to wear this summer and how to combine them for the perfect Italian-inspired summer look.


Summer Italian style: fitted pants


Fitted pants, which can be tight or classic, will add maximum harmony to your look. Look for white, black, or pastels to freshen up your look. You can pair fitted pants with a simple shirt, blouse, T-shirt or T-shirt with a jacket.


Lightly pleated skirt
This summer, we suggest you try a stylish skirt with light wrinkles to help you create a chic casual or business look. The dress should match fitted pants with the same wardrobe items. Don’t forget accessories here, either. Small handbags and sunglasses will make you look Italian chic. If we’re talking about shoes, it’s worth choosing the most convenient option. Italians don’t wear Louboutins.


Summer Italian style: tight skirt
Tight dresses, like pencil ones, are also great for creating Italian-style bows.
The most important thing here is length. Choose MIDI models, and you will never lose.


Dew shoulder clothes
An off-the-shoulder top will help you accentuate your femininity on a hot workday. This is a good solution for thin women and even plump women. You can wear an off-the-shoulder top on vacation, for a walk with friends, or even for a business meeting if you spice up your top with stylish pants or a high-waisted skirt.


Tight dress
Italian style is delicate and rigorous. That’s why these luxury ladies always have tight dresses in their closets. And it can be not only black and white business style but also fashionable retro style.


Dress shirt
The shirt-dress is the simplest summer dress. To fit the feminine Italian style, you should stick to basic or bright cuts, only solid ones.
Even for simple things like this, fashionable heels are recommended. These can be sandals, pumps, or wedges. Impeccable clothing will emphasize a fashionista’s refined taste.


A floral print romantic dress
Italian style can also be romantic. For example, sheer dresses with floral prints look good in this fashion. You can even choose a very bright version of this garment. Only the length of such dresses should not be too short. Italians like a charming mid-length.
Summer’s impeccable Italian style is the perfect opportunity to create a chic wardrobe for any occasion. Femininity, elegance, pleasant hues, and prints are the main criteria for sexy Italians.


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