It is true to say that a woman’s closet is always less than one piece of clothing, this statement is true, every time to the change of season, many people will say no clothes to wear, in fact, open the closet, full of a large pile of clothes, and even new clothes have not been worn. But we can not always be the same, every time you wear the same style, wear a long time will feel tired of themselves.

1、Blue denim hole pants

Denim single product can be said to be the “evergreen” in the fashion circle, there is absolutely no possibility of obsolescence, whether women just into the teenage years, or after the age of fifty, can manage a variety of denim clothing. The denim items used in summer should be kept less stiff and more casual, and it is best to have a clear skin-revealing design so that you are comfortable wearing them. If you want to create a thin demand, do not want to show too much skin on the legs, you can use blue denim hole pants to increase a few sense of trend. The choice of denim hole pants does not need to take into account the size of the hole, but must consider its width, if the silhouette is too narrow, wear not only a sense of restraint, reflecting the leg line may also be more bloated.

2、Lace shirts

The traditional clothes are basically moderate in design, without much novelty and innovation, but nowadays, in order to keep up with the trend of the times and the aesthetics of the public, there are many clothes that have added a more daring design. So to create a more fashionable and avant-garde look, you may want to choose this kind of design clothing items, such as lace tops, instantly make the whole outfit more dynamic and elegant a lot.

The shirt has left a serious, formal stereotype, so few people will wear out in the day-to-day, the most is applied to the workplace, in order to meet the daily needs of leisure, the shirt also added some fashion elements, such as lace shirt, looks more sweet and ageing, less the sense of seriousness, so that people look more affable, with a pair of casual pants can also go out shopping.


3、 Gradient colors/ Tie-dye knitwear

The gradient color is a very popular element nowadays, compared to the traditional solid color system of clothing, gradient color can make people brighter, through two or more colors for gradual transition, so that the same clothing has a different style effect.

In addition to gradient color, tie dye is also very popular process in recent years, tie dye process is special and complex, you can put a color in an uneven way distributed on an apparel, dye and white part of each other rendering, looks very design, this kind of single wear out on the street is not easy to clash.

Now you can see a lot of clothing items have used the tie-dye process, such as shirts, skirts, T-shirts and so on, and in this season, it is also recommended that you choose tie-dye suspenders, can be worn as an inner wear, outside can be paired with some solid-colored basic models of clothing, a simple collocation is more balanced with a sense of beauty, but also to avoid too fancy.

4、Floral/pure color dresses

There is still a lot of space in the choice of dresses, you can take a fresh floral dress to create an age-defying effect, but the choice of length is also particularly important. If you feel that the selection of floral dresses is very difficult, a slight error is easy to make, you may want to choose a simple solid color dress, to create a more simple visual beauty.


5、Oil wax jacket

As the outdoor trend continues to ferment, some of the resulting dressing styles are gradually being seen by more people.

Whether it’s the popular Urban Outdoor style or the more sophisticated Gorpcore style, all of them are designed with both functionality and fashion sense, allowing people to find their own balance between outdoor and urban wear. This item is the wax jacket that has become a hit. It is a natural choice for the outdoors, and it has become a hit again.

This is the first time that a wax jacket is worn by outdoor workers to cope with the weather. The wax was added to the cotton material when it was woven into the yarn, giving the fabric excellent wind and water resistance.

Because of its excellent characteristics, it became the standard for World War II armaments and bikers. By the 1970s, the British royal family also began to appear frequently on this item. The British royal family always wore a wax jacket when hunting, fishing, horseback riding and other outdoor sports because it was cold and rainy all year round. The Queen, Crown Prince Charles and two princes are all wearing one. The first time the actress was seen, she was a muse to countless fashionistas, and she also wore a wax jacket. The royal family’s popularity has made the wax jacket a huge hit in Europe. It is the most popular item in the world.

Of course, everyone has their own pursuit, and no one can ask must follow the trend of fashion, as long as they do a good job, wear a style suitable for their own styling, is also a kind of beauty.