Black mid-calf socks belong to the campus style socks, the best and most suitable is of course the campus style, JK uniform and other types of clothing with, so with the campus style shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, small white shoes are possible.

Of course, you can choose other styles, but not suitable for formal wear, suit suits or more formal type of clothing, because black socks are more inclined to youthful clothing, and those with some of the unlike. With shoes is naturally not suitable for high heels this kind of choice, some foreign people wear Martin boots, boots with can also be, but depends on the overall style of different choices.

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If you do not know how to match the black mid-calf socks with shoes, phantom fruit fruit here to bring you some samples of collocation, you can be based on the sample reference to the appropriate collocation, if you have questions can leave a message to find phantom fruit oh.

With white sneakers, denim jacket + checkered skirt

With small leather shoes

Fashionable style matching

This one with sandals is more alternative and requires courage

Ordinary canvas shoes with

Of course the most versatile and simple is still the canvas shoes with the way, also easy to match with the clothing.