The most taboo thing for small people is wearing “shorts”, especially in summer. Wearing the wrong words is more likely to expose the height of the shortboard.
The trousers directly impact the proportion of height compared to clothes, so it is recommended that small people who are less than 175 in size must choose suitable trousers! There are many ways to solve this situation, the simplest being to choose trousers with a “taller” effect, which elongates the leg proportion, thus completing the overall body shaping outcome.
The following three types of trousers are recommended for small people, so don’t miss them!
1. High-waisted trousers
As we all know, if you want to show your legs, you need to raise your waistline to increase the “length” of your lower body and create a perfect three-to-seven body proportion. The high waist trousers are:
  • A good choice.
  • Take advantage of the cut of the shape by raising the waistline.
  • Dividing the upper and lower half of the body into a ratio of three to seven.
  • Turning into long legs in seconds.
For small people, high-waisted trousers are not challenging to match. Whether with a T-shirt or a shirt in summer, it can present a different modelling effect to meet the needs of other occasions.
The high waist trousers are not limited to small legged trousers. As long as the waistline is raised, even if the trousers have a loose leg, the high waist trousers can also achieve a “high” effect.
2. Nine-quarter trousers
The most taboo thing for small people is to wear trousers with long legs, where a large area of fabric is piled up on the ankles, visually making them even shorter. The nine-quarter trousers can solve this problem by shortening the length of the trouser leg and exposing the ankle properly, which visually makes the legs longer and taller. The choice of trousers is also extensive, whether it is nine-point jeans or nine-point trousers, can meet the needs of daily casual or workplace wear, high at the same time let the whole person look more competent, stylish, will not look loose, dragging any shape.
3. Shorts
Increasing the skin area on the legs lengthens the leg line and makes it taller, and the upper half of the body is very handsome with T-shirts or shirts. The top half of the body with a T-shirt or shirt is beautiful and stylish. Try to match the shoes with a single shoe, avoid too heavy shoes, easy to give people a “light head and heavy feet” feeling, as usual, will also show short.
Secondly, it is also crucial to choose the right style of shorts. Try to avoid trousers that are too loose in shape, and prefer a style that fits well or is one size more flexible than the standard size; the length should also be controlled well, with the best position being at the knee or 2-3cm above the knee.